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Bankruptcy Law Orlando is part of Law Offices of L. William Porter III, P.A.

One of my favorite things about practicing law is being in court.  I have spent over a year with a small, private firm handling bankruptcy and civil matters, 10+ years with a large, private firm practicing in area of bankruptcy and creditors’ rights and 3+ years as a trial attorney with the Department of Justice.  My biggest strength as an attorney is confidence.


Is Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the right answer for you?


Chapter 7 bankruptcy offers a fresh start for many people who feel buried in credit card debt, medical bills and other unsecured debt.

In most Chapter 7 cases, an automatic stay takes effect as soon as the case is filed. That stay freezes collection action immediately: repossession, foreclosure, wage garnishment, lawsuits, even threatening letters and telephone calls.

When a discharge order is entered in a Chapter 7 case – often just four to five months after filing – most unsecured debt is eliminated. That means creditors and collection agencies are violating a court order if they ever try to collect that money again.

The Chapter 13 Alternative


Of course, Chapter 7 isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. For people with high income, high-value assets that may not be exempt in bankruptcy, or a lot of secured debt, Chapter 13 often provides relief.

The core of a Chapter 13 case is a three to five year repayment plan that allows time to catch up on past due balances without the constant pressure of collection actions, mounting late fees and the ongoing threat of repossession or foreclosure.

Some remaining unsecured debt may even be eliminated when the plan is successfully completed.


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